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 -Share Option Valuation (Binomial model with early exercise)
Binomial Option Pricing Model
S - Stock Price ($)
X - Exercise Price ($)
σ - Volatility (Annualized Volatility) in %
Consider Suboptimal Factor?
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Suboptimal Factor 1.0
Consider Dilution?
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Valuation Date
Maturity Date
r - Risk free rate in %
Dividend Yield in %
Number of Options
Outstanding shares
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Fair value per 1 unit of share option
Share Option Value 
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Relevnat Parameters in Valuation
T-t - Time To Maturity (day count 365)
Number of Steps 20.00
u - multiple for up value of stock
d - multiple for down value of stock
p - probability of up/down
dt - change of time interval
discount factor
Underlying Instrument Stock option
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